Neighborhood Cooking Foundation

What it is

What is the Homeless Cooking Project?

An hour of dignity and good food for people with too little of both in their lives.

In keeping with the St. Clouds restaurant mission of "providing a place where orphans come to find a sense of home and family" (The Cider House Rules, John Irving), owners Paul Butler and John Platt opened up the St. Clouds kitchen to the community to come together and cook dinner for our 125 new neighbors at Tent City, then hosted by St. Therese Church, in August 2001. 


Inspired by the outpouring of generosity by so many volunteers, by the warm and grateful reception from the Tent City residents, and by the fresh, bright, interesting food that we prepared, we committed to a monthly cooking project that now feeds five hundred people at eight shelters each month.  We create a unique menu each month with dishes made from scratch, created on the spot, as we survey the food donations and ideas of the participants, putting the various foods and people together to make them sing! 

We invite any and all of you to join in.  We hope by the act of creating a meal together, we can build more connections among ourselves and provide an hour of dignity and good food for those who find too little of both in their lives.