Neighborhood Cooking Foundation

How to help

 Help us cook!  


You can help The Homeless Cooking Project by volunteering, donating food, or donating funds.  Please Join our Email List to find out more. Or just show up and roll up your sleeves at the next cooking event.

Volunteer at the monthly Homeless Cooking Project

What:  The third Wednesday of every month, from 9 am to 1 pm, we come together to cook up a feast of fresh, innovative food with the help of your many hands and hearts.   Some come for all four hours, some for an hour or two.  All are welcome.  Some cook, some chop, some label, and some wash dishes; many do it all.  Best to arrive early to facilitate the process. 

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Who:  YOU, and our community of volunteers
When:  The third Wednesday of every month, from 9 am to 1 pm
Where:  St. Clouds restaurant, 1131 34th Ave., in the Madrona neighborhood
What to bring:  

  • Yourself
  • A cutting board, knife, and peeler
  • An apron and dishtowel
  • Some raw, non-protein ingredients (see below)
  • Your sense of humor and creativity, along with a strong "go-for-it" attitude!

Donate food

We rely on our volunteers and donors to provide all of the non-protein ingredients for our meals.  Please note:  we do no need meat or fish, as the central proteins for the day are donated or pre-purchased.  However, we always need the following:

  • Fresh Produce.  Visit the supermarket or the farmer's market to pick out some nice looking fresh produce (veggies, fruit, berries, greens...)
  • Flavor Bursts.  Maybe you like spicy ingredients, or olives, or cheese, or Asian twists (sesame oil, ginger, coconut milk, curry paste...), or barbeque...
  • Staples.  Maybe you prefer to play it safe and solid--cream, butter, eggs, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.

Whatever you bring, we will find a way to use it!

Donate funds

We are extremely grateful for your tax-deductible donations to help cover the cost of the protein we provide and the utilities/packaging that go into creating meals at St. Clouds.  Please make out checks to The Neighborhood Cooking Foundation and drop off at or mail to St. Clouds, 1131 34th Ave., Seattle, WA98122.